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The government gives an additional amount of money to schools, Pupil Premium, according to certain “deprivation” criteria. This money is intended to support these children in activities that will enhance their learning. At St. Luke's we use this money in a variety of ways depending on the individual needs of each child.

For example last year we used the money received for the following:

* Support for paying the school journey in year 6

* Support to pay for access to breakfast and twilight club

* Pastoral care- play therapy, growing together and 1:1 emotion well-being support

* Intervention- Letters and Sounds, Numicon, 1st Class Maths @number 1, 1st Class Maths @number 2, Gym Trail, Fine Motor Skills, Catch- Up, Attack Spelling, VAS, Narrative Therapy and Year 6 Numeracy booster.


This year we are using the money in the same way but with additional interventions (1st Class Maths @number 1 and 1st Class maths @number 2).


The impact of Pupil Premium money is tracked termly by our Senior Leadership Team and Intervention Leaders.  A provision map is produced to show progress, support received and each child’s provision is changed if required.

To view the impact of pupil premium please click here

To view the impact of Accelerated Reader on Pupil Premium click here

To view the provision map please click here.

For details of our Sports Government funding please click here.







Paper copies of all documents are available by contacting our school office 

Tiptree St Luke's CofE School, Church Road, Tiptree, CO5 0SU   01621 - 815456

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