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Each school has received a Sports Premium which enables schools to enrich their PE Curriculum.

At St Luke’s we have spent and are still spending this money by inviting different sports coaches into school for a period of time to teach pupils and this will increase the skills of all our teachers.

For full details please download the attached documents.

PE Funding data grid 2016 - 2017

PE Funding data grid 2015-2016

PE Funding data grid 2014-2015

PE Funding data grid 2013-2014


PE Quotes

Dance - Year 4

Impact on pupils: Increased confidence, major development with ability and motivation as well as improved level of dance skills in both genders.

Gymnastics - Year 3

Impact on pupils: Enjoyment, improved skills and a chance to explore a range of equipment.

Impact on teacher (skills, confidence and sustainability): Increased teaching confidence, accurate vocabulary highlighted and the progression of skills to be taught.

Cricket - Year 1/2

Impact on pupils: Better throwing, catching, batting skills, teamwork and Rob is a super role model!

Impact on teacher (skills, confidence and sustainability): Great ideas for each part of the lesson, including running a game with the whole class. It will be possible to replicate with the necessary equipment.




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