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Today we held our first Coffee & Chat for a while and had several parents come along.  We discussed the following items:

- Having more theme days and advertising them on the website

- Having more extra-curricular activities - clubs after school can be difficult to organise with teachers having so many priorities, but we will look at asking parents if they can help out.  Hopefully we can start some new clubs such as computer club, chess club, lego etc.  Rounders and cross country clubs are already in the pipeline for next term

 - We were asked if we get many volunteers come in to help in class and we currently have about 8 or 9 regulars who come every week to help the children, mainly with reading.

- Mrs Walker explained that the student council are now meeting every week and are currently working on a behaviour project.

- There was a question as to why we don't do as much at/with Thurstable school now and Mrs Walker explained that they're budget has become tighter and they are no longer able to host the sports days and other events that they have previously done.

- One parent asked when we will find out about teachers for each class in September.  This is being worked on already, but is a work in progress as changes will continue to appear until the end of May.  It will be announced at the usual time with the summer reports.

- Someone asked about stability with teachers and we discussed the changes and how we are working towards a more stable staffing structure.

- In year 6 we've set up booster groups for selected children who need some extra help before SATS.  This should get them up to the Age Related Expectation.

- Someone asked if Bikeability will continue after Mr Daw leaves us. We're going to talk to him about it and we might be able to fund it through the PE Grant we receive.

- We discussed what we do in the community and how this has decreased over the last few years.  Since the new curriculum came in, teachers have been focused on getting that up and running smoothly.  This has meant less time for inviting the Windmill Green club in and other events.  We will see what we can do to rejuvinate these activities as they work well for everyone involved.

- We've been asked if the children who take part in karate at the school ( but run externally) can do m=demonstrations in school.  We'll see if this is something that can incorporated into school assemblies.


Paper copies of all documents are available by contacting our school office 


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