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Mrs Riley reported that the new website was now live.  We were notified of a change in payroll providers, but there were some problems that needed to be fixed.  Our Pupil Premium numbers are decreasing and someone questioned why this could be happening.  We discussed how hard it is to determine which pupils are entitled to free school lunches, especially now that Key Stage 1 children are all entitled to free meals.  The Pupil Premium doesn't just cover meals for children, it also provides money to the school to help give extra to support and resources to entitled children.  We will now be obtaining NI numbers from parents to try and increase the funding we can receive.  The interventions put in place to help children are shown to be impacting positively.  


SATS results were discussed and details given about how difficult the papers were this year under the new curriculum.  Mr Malcolm feels that our pupils did very well considering the changes to the curriculum.  Mr Malcolm noted that reading was generally lower than writing and maths across the school and that this would be a continued area for development.  Our EYFS practice has been graded as outstanding by the school's SEC.

Our Safeguarding Governor, Rev. Renshaw, reported that she has updated her safeguarding training.  All governors were sent a copy of the updated 'Keeping Children Safe in Education' document.  DBS checks on governors are being revisited to ensure they have all been received.  Our annual safeguarding audit has been completed.

We reviewed policies for Staff code of Conduct, Leave of Absence and Lettings.  Our lettings rates have increased slightly to come closer inline with similar facilities nearby.

The following courses have been completed by governors:

Mr Jones completed his Governor Induction Training

Mr Eastbrook completed a course on Becoming a Chair of Governors

Mr Bishop attended a curriculum overview course and premises and health and safety.


How did this meeting help the School?

Governors summarised how the Pupil Premium funding has been spent, discussed a strategic vision, looked at the importance of confidentiality, approved a number of policies, improved Governor visibility, discussed issues surrounding payroll and the new website.

Paper copies of all documents are available by contacting our school office 


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