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This morning the 8 pupils participating in the Year 6 Community Challenge Award stood up in front of their parents, classmates, staff and governors to do their presentations on famous people and places.  They did very well and although nervous, presented some very interesting facts about local places and people.  Who knew the word 'salary' came from the word 'salt' when the Romans used to get paid with salt?  

The presentations included Ali Carter, John Mechi, Layer Marney Tower, Colchester Castle, Dorothy Sayer, Colchester Zoo and the Maldon Salt Company. 


There was also a display of their work of news journals kept in the autumn term and posters displaying the community service part of their award.  All of the pupils have done very well and the first year of running this award is proving to be very successful!  It has been introduced and organised by Miss Key in Class 11.

Paper copies of all documents are available by contacting our school office 


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